Our Value to Customer:

  • Economical solutions to provide you with material take off and proposal development including specification development.
  • Economical and fast turnaround (vast library and nearly decade in business) on projects.
  • Pride in our work results in integrity, quality and accountability you can rely on. Always quality over quantity.
  • We are the only outsourcing engineering company established by people who have over 25 years of hands on experience in fabrication and erection. This gives us the unique ability to optimize the design to reduce fabrication costs thus saving money not only on the engineering services but also on the fabrication of the equipment.
  • We are the only engineering services company that goes beyond providing engineering and actively provides support and advice in fabrication and erection process.
  • We consider ourselves as an extended arm for your organization always willing to go the extra mile. Your success is our success.

Offshore advantages:

  • Dedicated Staff.
  • Knowledge on Customer equipment and process.
  • Expertise on various Codes and plate fabrication.
  • Latest Technologies & Softwares.
  • Flexibility to scale up or down.
  • Advantage of round the clock processing.
  • Low Cost.

Security and Confidentiality:

Strict Non-Disclosure agreements with customers bind all employees at fabtran. Entry into Fabtran and usage of respective computers is protected and restricted. Computers at Fabtran are not equipped with USB ports or disk drives. Internet is not available to employees except at file transfer station controlled by GM. All files are stored in a central server with restricted access. All information provided by customer and produced for the customer is treated as customer property. Once customer accepts the project all files and documents can be destroyed upon customer request.